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Can Robot Racing Win Human Hearts?Drone racing

1/31/2016 — By Jeremy Hsu
Not much on live TV compares with the tension of watching human race car drivers risk possible injury or death at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. A split second of bad timing can quickly transform a tight, controlled race into chaos as machine. spin out of control, careen off walls or smash directly into one another. By comparison, the rise of robot racing with flying drones or self-driving cars aims to attract both old and new racing fans without putting human lives at risk. The big question is whether human fans will tune in to watch speedy robots race without the added adrenaline rush of danger.

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Disabled Musicians Make Music With Their Minds

Microchips Continue to Shrink

By Jonathon Keats|Monday, November 30, 2015

Computer processing power doubles every two years according to Moore’s Law.  Microchip on fingerAlthough, it’s not a law of physics, engineers deem it a professional responsibility, but they’re starting to reach the limits of conventional materials. Silicon channels just can’t carry enough electrical current.  To keep it flowing, IBM announced in July it has developed a new   –read more–

20 billion switches on a fingernail-size wafer.

2/15/2016 — By Nathaniel Scharping
A piece of music, composed in a fashion like no other before it, will be played later this month at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival in the United Kingdom. The piece, entitled “Activating Memory,” is the result of a decade-long title to read more.

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