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Shooting range & gun club activities for Gem County 

Gem County Rod and Gun Club Inc.  –  Our club is about safety, responsibility and skill development in the use of firearms of all types. The membership includes several religions, male and female, young and old, experienced and novice. On our range you find people practicing with .22 caliber target rifles, high powered hunting rifles, shotguns, black powder rifles, revolvers, semi-auto pistols, antique and unique firearms and occasionally, fully automatic firearms. Law enforcement agencies also take advantage of our facilities for training and practice. Several professional firearms trainers use our range for classes throughout the year. We all share a common respect and appreciation for firearms and your right to own them.Club meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Senior Citizens Center located at 719 S Johns Ave in Emmett.  Visit our website >>

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E.S.E. Gunsmiths
Guns Bought, Sold, Traded & Repaired
Professional Firearms Store
107 S Commercial Ave
Emmett, ID  83617
P: (208) 365–4272
Tom Neth – Owner
About Us

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KingFisher Sporting Goods & Pawn
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143 West Main St.
Emmett, ID  83617
P: 208-365-4889
Russell Gardner – Owner
About Us

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