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Travelers welcomed a chance to stop at a Road House called Falk’s Store located at the principle village in the lower valley at the time. You could get a drink, a meal or lodging, as it was the only store between Boise, Idaho & Baker, Oregon. Falk’s did an estimated $60,000 a year in business. Although nothing remains now, there also was a hotel, saloon, two stores, and other small businesses.

Six miles from Emmett was the Payette River Ranch, also called Government Ranch because of the government stockpiles there. The Martinsville Post Office moved to the Payette River Ranch in 1870 and was renamed Emmett for the son of Tom Cahalan, who had the name recorded in Washington, D.C. When the post office moved back, to Martinsville a year later, the recorded name remained with it and Martinsville eventually became Emmett.

In 1883, Wardwell had the town platted, and in 1900 the town was incorporated as Emmett. After the closing of the Pearl mines in 1906, the power lines were extended to Emmett. A series of irrigation projects made it possible for rapid expansion of the town as the major service center for a farming and fruit-growing valley.

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